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After shaving you get tiny red spots? Epilation, waxing and plucking irritates your skin? With IPL you did not reach the desired outcome or it even had side effects on you? Can one perform laser hair removal on tanned skin without causing burns?

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Leo Hyper Pulse (One Glide®) – the new technology This SHR hair removal device that employs the Hyper Pulse is one of the most innovative hair removal systems in the world that uses the ALT (light beam) method. It unites the advantages of laser technology combined with those of the IPL method. This treatment involves removing the hair follicles quickly and gently by means of a simple sliding movement (One Glide®). The device features with a highly advanced, patented cooling unit, which in turn ensures optimum comfort.

Hyperpulse® is unrivalled in terms of how gently and effectively it removes the hair. Leonardo Hyper Pulse One Glide Technology is significantly stronger than any other device in the Market. It emits up to 200J of power per second and at the same time, the patented skin protection system. We perform permanent hair removal treatments since 2012 using the best possible technology at hand. Please read some reviews thereto and come for a trial.


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