Permanent hair removal:

  • is achieved due to the selected chemical reaction (instant raise in temperature) taking place immediately after dark melanin (protein responsible for the dark pigment in a biological body) is directly exposed to artificially developed visible light (laser or IPL).
  • will cure your skin if there are any ingrown hairs or it simply reacts sensitively to shaving or plucking of body hair.
  • with Hyperpulse from Leonardo is nearly painless. Is is achieved due to integrated cooling system (SHR).
  • needs patience. Since the process tackles the regenerating tissue of skin, we always have to wait for a new portion of hair to come out. The treatment should be repeated every 8-16 weeks for optimal results and the treated hair always take approx 3 weeks time for falling out.
  • is a quality process. Each treatment is to show good results. Should a mistake appear in within of 3 weeks after the treatment, one should re-touch the area. Re-touch in Haarfrei München studio is free of change.
  • has not shown any threats to the skin health if applied on healthy areas.
  • requires certification in Germany.