SHR (Super Hair Removal) – the new technology

SHR stands for Super Hair Removal. This new permanent hair removal technology is the evolution of all previous light-based methods. It unites the advantages of laser technology combined with those of the IPL method.

In-Motion technology for more comfort

The In-Motion technology represents a breakthrough in patient comfort, speed of procedures and repeatable clinical results.

The unique energy output creates a gradual thermal rise to the target’s therapeutic temperature, significantly reducing the risk of injury and virtually eliminating patient discomfort.

The IN-Motion technology is administered using a sweeping technique, which also eliminates missed or skipped spots for hair removal, and enables a larger treatment area for body reshaping.

Also for blonde hair and tanned skin

In addition to the much more pleasant treatment experience, the laser SHR hair removal is more efficient and permanent hair removal is possible also for lighter hair and tanned skin. This great progress has become possible because the SHR method does noct only rely on the dark hair melanin, but also eliminates the proteins in the stem cells of the hair roots.

The physical mechanism

Using lots of fast (high frequency) pulses, SHR heats the treated parts to a temperature of about 40° Celsius (104° F) for a time period up to 90 seconds. As a result, the previously necessary, strong and sometimes quite painful impulses are avoided and the treatment is much more skin-friendly.
The temperature of the epidermis itself, however, is constantly kept below 45° C (113° F). A sapphire contact cooling ensures great treatment efficiency and at the same will be skin-friendly and gentle. At a successful treatment, the proteins contained in the hair follicles and stem cells can be denatured by the pulses and the hair follicle located in the growth phase can not produce new hair any longer.