Leo Hyper Pulse (One Glide (In-Motion) System)

This treatment involves removing the hair follicles quickly and gently by means of a simple sliding movement (One Glide®). The device features with a highly advanced, patented cooling unit, which in turn ensures optimum comfort in permanent hair removal.

Also for blond hair and tanned skin

Leo Hyper Pulse uses innovative hair removal systems in the world that uses the ALT (light beam) method. It does not only rely on the dark hair melanin, but also eliminates the proteins in the stem cells of the hair roots.

The physical mechanism

Leonardo Hyper Pulse One Glide Technology is significantly stronger than any other device in the Market. It produces five full light wave pulses at an energy of up to 40 Joules /cm2 / second with an integrated and patented skin cooling protection system running along.